About Us

Clean Manuscript is an editorial firm that partners with a vast majority of authors, students and businesses to eliminate language barriers, get published in reputable journals or submit an error-free document.

Our services:

1). Editing & proofreading
2). Formatting
3). Translation

Our editors

Our editors have extensive knowledge in editing papers from a broad spectrum of fields including sciences, medicine, engineering, art, history, economics, politics, humanities, business, management, and social sciences.

Some of our editors are currently serving as peer-reviewers and managers in top academic journals.

Our editing process

1). You submit your manuscript to us
2). We match your manuscript to experts in your field of study
3). The first round of editing is done by a junior editor
4). Thereafter, the manuscript is assigned to a senior editor for quality check.
5). Your manuscript is ready for download

Our mailing address:

2220 Meridian Blvd, Suite #VL602, Minden, NV 89428 USA.